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The Advisory Board of the report is:
  Albrecht Wagner, Andreas Kronfeld, Jonathan Bagger, Dieter Schlatter, Gudrid Moortgat-Pick, James Brau, Joachim Mnich, John Ellis,
Kiyotomo Kawagoe, Sachio Komamiya, Michael Peskin, Hitoshi Yamamoto, Peter Zerwas

The current outline is listed below. The template for the EPJC Review is linked below:
Feel free to join the team, everybody is welcome!
And let us know in case something is missing.

The current outline is:

1. Introduction
     - physics scenarios at ILC and CLIC

2. Higgs and elw symmetry breaking (K. Fujii, P.Zerwas)
     - Status and Prospects
     - Standard Model
     - 2-Higgs doublet model
     - SUSY [MSSM]
     - NMSSM etc.
     - Parameter determination
     - Little Higgs
     - Strongly interacting Higgs
     - WW scattering

3. Supersymmetry (H. Baer, M. Battaglia, J. Kalinowski)
      - Status and Prospects
      - Gaugino/Higgsino Sector
      - Slepton Sector
      - Squark Sector
      - Lepton flavor violation
      - R-parity, R-symmetry
      - Parameter determination
      - Extrapolation to GUT

4. Extra Space Dimensions (NN, S. Riemann)
      - Status and Prospects
      - ADD
      - Randall-Sundrum

  5. Top Physics and QCD (F. Simon, P. Uwer)
      - Status and Prospects
      - Top quark
      - QCD
      - gamma gamma and e gamma

  6. Electroweak precision physics (S. Heinemeyer, D. Wackeroth)
      - Status and Prospects
      - Basis
      - Extended gauge symmetries
      - GigaZ / WW threshold

7. Connection to astroparticle physics and cosmology (G. Belanger, K. Olive )
      - Status and Prospects
      - CDM


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