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Helmholtz Alliance Linear Collider Forum

The Linear Collider Forum is an initiative born within the
Helmholtz-Alliance "Physics at the Terascale", a network of German
Universities and Research Centers working in high-energy particle physics.
Yearly dedicated meetings focus on the physics case and the technologies at
a future linear collider, covering both the ILC and CLIC concepts.

The next LC-Forum will take place from April 29-30, 2014 at Bonn University.
Registration will be opened soon via the link:

Results of the previous LC-Forums:
All contributions from the last LC-Forum have now been published collected in the dedicated proceedings report DESY-123h.
This Report will also be sent to the arXiv within the next weeks.

The planned EPJC review article (100 - 150 pages) summarizing the present state of
LC phenomenology is still under work.
This review should demonstrate the general physics motivation for a linear
collider without a detailed comparison of the relative performance of the
respective machines. It will be based on the updated review of the past LC reports
  and your contributions to the workshop, and will include both ILC studies and
multi-TeV LC studies and also updates taking into account the emerging LHC results.

A tentative outline
as well as more details and instructions how to comment and how to
contribute are posted under the link 'Planned Publications, LC review'.
If you would like to participate, please feel free to contact the organizers
of the LCForum, given under "Contact".


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